Our Services

We offer a variety of facilitation services to meet your needs, including problem solving, opportunity pursuit, strategic planning, or customer touchpoint mapping. Let our seasoned team of facilitators help guide you and your team through creative and strategic endeavors!

Problem Solving Facilitation

Duration: 4 hours to multiple engagements depending on available time and needs

We all have that problem or challenge that has been holding our team back for weeks, months, or even longer. Perhaps it is the opportunity you've never followed through and pursued. We combine our facilitation expertise with proven processes to get your team involved in assessing the situation, focusing on the right issue, coming up with creative solutions that fit your needs, and developing an implementation plan that will yield results. 

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Duration: 4-8 hours to multiple engagements depending on needs

Strategic planning can be a daunting task. Our experienced facilitators can guide you through our unique process to help you build a relevant and robust plan. 

Customer Touchpoint Mapping

Duration: 2-8 hours to multiple engagements depending on needs

Customer experience excellence is embedded in the details. Using our unique process, our facilitators will help your team not only identify but also evaluate every touchpoint your customer interacts with in your organization. 

Customer Mapping for Entrepreneurial Ventures

Duration: 2-8 hours

Using our creative "How Might the Customer" process, we will guide you and your team through the customer and market discovery process like you have never experienced before.